RoadTripVisas: for Russia

Russian visas cannot be improvised.

If, like me, you don’t like to plan dates and itineraries months in advance! You will be disappointed… Because the Russian Visa is one of the most uncompromising that exists for EU nationals. Lets just say it: it’s a pain in the A**.



You will have to plan it, at least, 1 month in advance, to avoid incredible extra costs. Or a categorical refusal.

No worries bro, I am a Planner:

– I am going to the Consulate or Embassy of MY COUNTRY.

– Normal procurement time: 10 working days.

-Urgent Delivery Time: 3 Business Days.


What do I need? What do I need?

An Official Invitation. You can get it by booking a Hostel at or Make the request directly to them by e-mail. They will charge you, on average, about twenty euros.

A certificate of Insurance COPY ORIGINAL BUFFERED. Forget photocopies, they will be refused. Contact your insurer and ask for the document to be sent by post immediately, it is essential that the RUSSIAN FEDERATION be clearly legible.

-my PASSEPORT of course dumdum. Valid 6 months after the announced release date.

Photocopy of the Passport

– 1/2 Identity photo(s)

THE COMPLETED AND IRREPROACHABLE VISA FORM. You will need to provide a plausible itinerary, hotel reservations, proof of exit way and entry point into the country. Don’t make any mistakes, forget it, or fly legs. These are the main reasons why a VISA is refused. The form is available online:

Cliquer pour accéder à f5e7c7ad5f9faa929436e9b75ee9ae18.pdf

PRICE: 1-13 days = 35 euros /14-30 days = 50 euros[+20 euros Invitation.]


Oops…. Too late, I’ve already left.

Don’t panic. It’s just gonna hurt the wallet…. Very bad….

Same documents to be provided as before. However, you must go through an online agency. In addition, it will be necessary to send and return your passport by airmail (example DHL). The obtaining times can take up to 20 days….  Rare are the Russian embassies that agree to distribute visas to foreigners in the host country.

PRICE: 1-13 Days Max = 2 x 50 euros (postal dispatch of the Passport.) +120 euros of service + 20 euros Invitation.

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