Wander Women: A Florida Woman’s Lonely Journey in the « Beautiful chaos » of South Asia.

I was self-taught by experience to respect the braveness women can conquer in the face of adversity. A basic universal guideline of recognition, sadly mistaken with a quality only men are supposedly entitled to possess. And I had just enough of that wrongful idea. Today, I want to show the world that Mulan, Pochahantas, and … Lire la suite Wander Women: A Florida Woman’s Lonely Journey in the « Beautiful chaos » of South Asia.

Un Nouveau Média pour Voyageur au Grand Coeur.

“Not So Lonely Road, ensemble aidons nos héros des sentiers battus, à se sentir moins seul !” "Not So Lonely Road, together let's help our heroes on the beaten track, to feel less alone!"

RoadTripVisas: Chinese Visa in Mongolia

One of the most traumatic experience one can live making a Visa. So, you are in Mongolia, having a great time, but your wild spirit just cant have enough. You are a poor bastard born with an adventurous soul, who wants to know whats happening in that countries full of Stories and Mysteries. Suddenly you … Lire la suite RoadTripVisas: Chinese Visa in Mongolia


Rapide et Simple : Faites un don via cette page ! Read/Scroll through full Article for more information and donation options...  Voilà ca devait bien arriver... Je me suis fais kidnapper par une Guerrilla d'Adorables Orphelins Népalais. Si vous voulez participer à la rançon, pour me permettre de leur acheter : Nourritures, Couvertures, Jeux, Fournitures Scolaire, … Lire la suite DONATIONS for Nepal

RoadTripVisas: for Russia

Russian visas cannot be improvised. If, like me, you don't like to plan dates and itineraries months in advance! You will be disappointed... Because the Russian Visa is one of the most uncompromising that exists for EU nationals. Lets just say it: it's a pain in the A**.   You will have to plan it, at least, … Lire la suite RoadTripVisas: for Russia